What is SEO? SEO for Beginners

What is SEO? SEO for Beginners
22 Dec 2020 | By Admin

The internet is a vast space to browse information. There are billions of web pages crawling through the search results of popular search engines. It should give you an idea of how much competition is there to gain relevant audience exposure. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing approach to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic. Marketers use SEO techniques to provide online exposure to businesses.

SEO is All About Understanding User Behavior

SEO techniques require marketers to understand the search phrases used by people. Effective marketers are well aware of what keywords are being used, what answers people are looking for, what type of content people love to consume, etc. This knowledge can help businesses to build brand awareness better.

Why Should You Give Importance to SEO?

Every day billions of searches are made by people, which results in particular and intent traffic. The search engines are responsible for finding, understanding, indexing billions of web pages in their search results. It is done using bots, also known as crawlers, that scan the web pages to gather information. These crawlers use code tags like SRC and HREF to spot links to other pages, which are also added to the crawling list.   

Many marketers rely on paid marketing to expect visible results in a very short period of time. SEO techniques always provide better organic search results that help businesses obtain a larger digital real estate. The netizens and savvy searchers have a better perception of the business with more organic search results.  

SEO requires less investment than paid advertisements and proves to be more effective in the long run. When you use the right keywords and follow online marketing ethics with SEO, you can expect a drastic rise in your website traffic. In comparison, paid ads will require continuous investment to bring traffic to your site.